Love Relationship Tarot Card Reading

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Love Relationship
Stressful With Love Relationship

She is staying fine in California and there had their Covid lockdown earlier 2 weeks ago before the rest other states, and said that things real bad in New York and other big cities.

On whatsapp video call this morning and glad to see her again after so many years. She would like to ask Tarot cards cum Numerology about her relationship as she always faced a lot of hard time over her all relationships.

First thing checked over her date of birth between her age 20-40 many stressful problems to handle and follow by next one age between 40-60. Now she is at her age 36 based on her date of birth. Had told her she has to do certain good things to step out and remove away the next stressful time to come. This is her second time on Numerology and not on Tarot cards reading.

Checking her first few Tarot cards, cards says with her present boyfriend staying at one house together, cards said nothing much and they are just like friends more than in a relationship. Both like having each other as a companion only and not so much love. She herself can’t explain why they still can hang on to the relationship. Anyway Tarot cards told her to hold on till something need to pop up soon only to realise is a relief to her.

Tarot cards revealed working wise she is doing well, high pay salary and though boss sometimes give pressure with workload, she manage to settle it. Tarot cards even shown her happiness and friends there. Everything smooth in her career. She happily admitted that her career is excellence and she happy working at her place. Tarot cards even said she manage to buy anything she wants, she intend to buy her own house soon. Tarot cards revealed she can get it easily!

She even asked how about her ex-boyfriend thru this Tarot cards reading, to me I like a shock because she had a terrible hard time with this boyfriend before, they got marriage and divorced within months. I remembered she cried for days and months for this man who just walked away from her. She really stressed out that time, that was 7-8 years ago. Abusive man and she almost into depression. Her sisters all in Penang so worried of her! She called me then for a long distance call to consult me how to overcome it and today she just don’t understand she still miss him a lot. She still in get in touch thru phone. Still love him. She said like a bonding which hard to separate them. So I took out their Tarot cards only to find out not all relationship bound to be togetherness. I told her the Tarot cards said without him, she is more peace. Staying with him the Tarot cards reveal all the challenges to face, money and many problems. She said so true and she just don’t understand why. She told me even big arguments and they can get to hug, then only to realise they have an eternity soul within them but why all the bad haunted them when they were together. Tarot cards even revealed that’s their life need to be as a distance soulmates only and not encourage to be together. She found out so true till todate she still can have heart to heart talk with him. She can’t let go of him, a burden in her and at the same time so hurt the pain in her of how she was being tortured by him. She even felt strongly that he is part of her family member that she need to take concern and worry for him. I told her that’s all because of all their past life karmic attachment and detachment vows that had made. Tarot cards told her having him by phone calls away will do. I kept on reminding her about her next age 40-60 to be watch out over unwanted stressful problems again. Told her she has to do many transfer of merits to this guy. She so sad to hear about it but to accept the boundary set between them.

Saw the Tarot cards the next new boyfriend will come by, more a senior man. Will love her more. It should be year 2022, I wish she has this good guy and live in eternity! Wish her happiness and well blessed always!!

She had been my 13 years ago client from Penang referred by her sister to me whom had been good friend nowadays. She herself from her young lady, very timid and now to a strong capable lady! Wish her successful in all her endeavours. Thank you to her, her sisters and her whole family who had been all time my supportive customers!! Thank you!