Life Suffering Due To The Hold Back Of Grudges And Hatres

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Happy that she told me she dreamt of me few days ago, she dream needed to have a Tarot cards reading session with me and she did it today! I told her it was the arrangement by her Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin..She told me she has one at home and show me her Goddess at whatsapp video call.

We had our online whatsapp video call this morning, she is a wonderful lady and want to see her future what tarot cards reading can tell her. Pity her as she had been suffering for many years to start back her life taking care her 2 children and mother. Ex had been treated her badly the last time and had been her nightmare since then.

Reading her date of birth, she worried very much her future undertaking and I told her to stop worrying because she is making good money till todate though today she told the company had closed down due to the poor economy. I told the cards revealed her money have save kept by her and enough to carry on her life though she wanted more and that’s common to everyone to have want more money. She laughed and admitted..

Tarot cards also revealed she has a good companion taking care of her, she gave a smile that she is blessed. She had her this soulmate after a week she changed her name one year ago through my Numerology calculation to get her a new Christian name or nick name.

So she asked if works for others will be it be fine for her but that’s not her really wants as she is thinking what if she can do her own business?

1) So the Tarot cards revealed new job will face hard time with boss and not cooperative.

2) Tarot cards said business as beautician since she learnt up before. My mind I tot maybe she can as she is pretty and presentable but cards revealed she cannot. She told she did open up once and closed down that business as no business.

3) Last Tarot cards revealed she was thinking how about real estate agent, the cards revealed she can as she will be back-up by a superior that will monitor her. She will pick up in life again. Make good money, happy though still need to learn up many things. She told me superior is a good person and indeed she had taken her licence.

Last few Tarot cards revealed to call her let go a lot of hatred, grudges and sadness in her. She suppose to be a happy individual but because of so much grief and bullied from her ex, she had put herself to the stage of envious and jealousy without she realise which coz her depreciation of her health not healthy of her heart as seen in her date of birth and then she can’t grow fat even how much she eat that’s because of her body molecules body weak to protect her..So indirectly she had been using her hair to keep long long to protect her and cover her, if can cover her whole body but at the same time the hatred and grudges all over her hair to put her even deeper to negativity that may affect her health and well-being.


The Truth Behind Her Very Long Hair Hold Her Grudges And Hatred…

This doing without she realised it until I told her time to cut her hair but to a certain limit she can cut as her date of birth through Numerology, she need a long wavy hair too and cannot completely short hair. Need colour her hair. WAH I found out that it had been awhile I haven’t say about hair can destroyed our luck and health. Looking forward to see her hair cut as I told her new hair can bring her a lot of happiness, wealth and health in excellence and abundance! The moment she let go all the unwanted grudges, fear and sadness, the good all will come and gradually she will be even prettier, fit in her figurine body meaning gaining more fat, more confidence, more compassionate and successful! And the most happiest thing, she will have beauty comes within her inner self and external of her..I am looking forward to see her transformation!!