Karma Debts Over Her Date Of Birth

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She is so worried to fall in love again as for these many years she always fall in love to the wrong guys.

She just wanted to confirm with tarot cards reading if this guy can be real with her? As she just don’t want to waste her time anymore..

First I analysed into her Numerology date of birth, and told her she can be attracted to many supporters and many people likes her. She is a good communicator. Making success in her business. Money is getting more and more each day but still not enough to her..She laughed. Past life with many different lives being the monk, nun, sifu, master and angel. Her life now need to focus on doing good deeds as it come back to her in instant bountiful luck or bad luck depending what she do..Is like ‘instant karma’ or speed to payback of her debts of karma.

Then next, check on her tarot cards about this guy. She haven’t started her relationship with him but ready to meet him personally very soon as he is staying in Spore and wanted to fly in to KK to meet her. Cards told her he is not a genuine guy, have a lots of motive in him. Can be a lazy man but a rich guy. Cards even revealed she misjudged him as nice guy and feeling of her should be very calm and nice about him. She told me yes she felt so peace and comfortable with this man. He is rich and a business man. Cards even revealed to her to encourage her to pray diligently to Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin to ask for wisdom in her to find out later the truth behind him. Cards even shown his cunning and manipulative attitude. She immediately wanted to stop him from flying over to see her but I told her just meet him with him to see for herself his true colours but she just don’t like to waste her time anymore since he is this type I mentioned. ( She actually quite trust my numerology calculations even before I knew tarot cards 2 months ago, for many these years I kept telling those men are not sincere with her when she requested me to check on them and always found out it’s so accurate those men not real to her ). She is one of the few clients I can check on their love compatibility thru numerology calculation as most of the time my energy disagreed me to do so or disallowed me against the almighty.

Cards simply came out with another guy, I told her this another guy is a good man, kind hearted but in term of status, she is doing much better than him. By the way, she is a lawyer in profession. I told her this guy financially is weak but he work hard.

I just curious and asked her if this kind of man had arrived? She told me actually there have 2 guys came at the same time and true enough this kind of man also appeared. She said exactly what I said, he is workaholic, normal guy and kind but somehow she is not keen of him. I told her this guy next time can becomes rich too but the more I took out the cards about them. The cards revealed the unhappiness in their relationship, boring and stagnant. Not harmony later part.

I felt bad for her, as again and again I repeating for years saying this guy no good that guy no good for her..

She quite sad to hear this and asked in that the case, if there is anymore future suitor guy after this 2 men. Instead of she asking this, I immediately asked the cards what happened to her and why she kept on encountering bad guys in her life?

Oh my God!! Unbelievable my eyes the cards appeared a powerful lady with making herself a lot of mistakes, created herself further with more sins and troubles…

Card even appeared a wrong ‘Judge’ meaning a lawyer with misdeeds. Cards even revealed she had to defend herself too. I immediately asked her if her profession anything to do with protecting the “Loan Shark” or Chinese we called ‘Ah Long’, she said yes many of them engaging her services. Cards even said given her a lot of money and she told me very truth. I told her that’s her biggest threat in exchange of her all love relationships. Reason I told her if she remember I had told her she has this instant karma in her Dob, meaning whatever she do and she need to do the right thing and if not it will need to repay them instantly her deeds. I told her doing their business like working with the bank to protect the bank. Indirectly harm others and people may loss their homes and assets because of her though the people themselves who borrowed the money from the “Loan Shark” in the first place. She like gosh!! That’s her biggest income and telling her to let go this business like losing her big rice bowl.

I told her out of 9 kind of people in the world, only one kind of people having her Dob has this ‘instant karma’ thing that can strike them. I told her cards even kept on revealing bad guys one after another none stop of 5 other bad guys on the way to her and even cards shown a good man also indecisive to have her as wife. I told her that she don’t have the power to execute the cause of effect over her this instant karma and encourage her time to give up on this but focus on other services like other lawyers can provide.

She like upset to receive this unexpected answer and disappointed but at the same time only awaken why the reason she kept on attracting bad men to her life. She told me she has few more cases to handle and not yet settle and can’t let go. I said to no choice still have to finalise it her tasks. She asked what if have new cases of this kind if she can past it to other lawyers? I told her energy stood at 0% of disapprove her to do so again. She likes “Oh Nooooo” coz her losing many her businesses.

I kept on throwing her cards out what if she continues, the cards shown she will be single the rest of her life as loner, bad guys kept coming to her and taken all her money. I told her to take care her hot temper too as cards revealed she easily hot temper and can’t think properly.

She is speechless and so am I..

I wish her life start to make changes for a betterment of her life, make her find a loving husband, a successful man, humble, live a life of happiness and eternity one..