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Auspicious Chinese Baby Name

Bad name changed to auspicious name, will bring everlasting happiness, good health, better wealth & success life!

Life cannot be perfect but at least we make ourself with a better name because names do vibrate according to the alphabets we used. 

Getting successful name will bring you abundance luck of prosperity luck, genuine people to you, many opportunities, good health and safety. Bad name brings disastrous and no successful life. Always stay in poor. Bad luck and poor health. Some to the extend of short live and accidents. 

Example: JOHN 
Represent name that like to have quarrel and tension with others and so as others would like to quarrel with us. May involve into accident by natural forces like storm or fire. Danger name. But when a name changed. Pronunciation will be the same. 

After changed name: JOHZE

Name that bring success to business or profession. They will be blessed with divine grace. Enjoy public support. They will live with ever shining fame and the life praiseworthy leader.

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